Profielspot ADB Warp 22°-50°

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Profielspot ADB Warp 22°-50°


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Theaterspot ADB Warp 22-50

Main Features

800 W halogen axial lamp, 230 V, 3200 °K, G9.5.
Light output higher than with a 1200 W conventional profile.
Dichroic glass reflector for low gate and beam temperature.
B size gate for maximum gobo definition.
Innovative ring control of focus, zoom, iris, gobo and shutters.
Individual 360° rotation of shutters and gobos.
Access to all controls from any position around the spotlight.
Independent lamp position and spot / even adjustments.
Holder for one iris diaphragm + one 360° rotating gobo (or two gobos without iris).
Stepless yoke positioning along the spotlight for balance adjustment.
Innovative, compact, robust, ergonomic design.
Supplied with:

• 1 metal filter frame (185 x 185 mm)