Intercom ASL Beltpack + headset PS19

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Headset and beltpack


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Verhuur Intercom, ASL Intercom system.

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Verhuur Intercom set van ASL Intercom bestaande uit:
– 2 kanaals ASL basisstation bs 216 in flightcase
Verdeelbox XLR
Bekabeling, extra 4 beltpack’s en  5 headsets.
BS 216 2-channel Master Station


Verhuur Intercom Asl The BS 216 intercom is designed to function as the master unit in an ASL intercom system. It is suitable for use in both portable as well as in fixed installations. The BS 216 incorporates its own built-in switch mode universal power supply, and operates as a dual channel power supply for driving connected beltpacks.

Product features in brief:


Separate TALK and CALL buttons with indicators for each channel

Volume control (LISTEN level) for each channel

Power supply capable of driving fifteen BS 15 beltpacks to full volume

AUX input volume control separately adjustable for each channel

30 V phantom power at Aux input when ‘mic level’ is selected.


he Basic Series provides a cost-effective solution in more limited applications that require full duplex, party line communication. All interconnections are made with standard, balanced microphone cable with XLR-3 connectors. Installation requires no expert knowledge, and clear layout of controls assures trouble-free operation with a very short learning curve. A current-driven interconnect loop ensures that operator listening levels do not change as stations are added to or removed from the network.

Features Summary


Durable, lightweight ABS intercom beltpack

Visual and audible call system, with volume trimmers

Accepts dynamic or electret microphones (phantom powering standard)

Separate TALK and CALL buttons with LED indicators for each channel

Auto-resetting switch mode power supplies for 110 V or 240 V mains

Proprietary frequency correction for enhanced intelligibility

Automatic headset detection

Auxiliary program input


Key Features


Headphone Amplifiers High-quality, push-pull headphone amplifiers contribute to a system frequency response of 200 Hz to 15 kHz and a dynamic range of 80 dB. Output is 400 mW @ 200 Ohms. A proprietary frequency contouring circuit optimizes voice range reproduction to ensure exceptionally high intelligibility even in high ambient noise environments.


Headset Connections Both the master station and beltpack accept either dynamic or electret microphones as standard. Mic gain is adjustable internally for optimum results with any microphone. A headset detection circuit ensures the mic pre-amp is active only when a headset is connected. A volume control enables the user to listen at any desired volume, and to balance levels on the two channels of the BS 216 Master Station.


Side Tone Each user station includes a side tone trimmer for each channel to adjust level for the operator’s voice as heard through his or her own headset or loudspeaker.


Switch-mode Power Supplies In case of short circuits, faulty wiring or excessive thermal conditions, the power supply will self-protect by reducing power output, eventually shutting down under prolonged extreme stress. Once the fault is corrected, the power supply automatically resets and restores normal operation.


TALK Function IntercomTALK button with green LED indicator connects to all user stations and beltpacks on the indicated channel.


CALL Function The combined audible and visual CALL alert adapts to both sound- and light-sensitive environments. An incoming our outgoing call signal is indicated by a large red LED. Pushing the CALL button for more than two seconds activates the internal BUZZER. Volume of the BUZZER can be trimmed or muted.


AUX INPUT The 2-channel Master Station (BS 216) and Power Supply (BS 286) each offer a balanced auxiliary attenuated input normally used to carry the auditorium or on-air program audio. Inputs may be switched between line level and microphone level with 30 V phantom powering.