Trackspot High-end Scan 250w Dmx Color-gobo-strobe +hook

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Trackspot 250 Scanner Huren

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Trackspot 250 Scanner Huren


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Huur een scan of scanner en laat jouw discofeest of evenement stralen! Een Trackspot scanner is een bepaald soort discolamp. Het lijkt erg ingewikkeld, maar eigenlijk is de techniek die een scan of scanner gebruikt eenvoudiger dan bijvoorbeeld die van de movinghead. Een scanner is een lamp die een lichtbundel uitstraalt.
Boven de bundel bevindt zich een spiegeltje die beweegbaar is. Dit spiegeltje weerkaatst het licht, en zo heb je een bewegende, gekleurde lichtbundel! King of the club scene, Trackspot is a versatile and affordable moving mirror fixture that outperforms any luminaire in its class. Superb engineering, sharp optics and a variety of control options make Trackspot a great value in low-cost automated lighting.   Trackspot features eight richly saturated dichroic colors (plus white) and a 5600 color corrector.
The 10-position gobo wheel has eight patterns, including two multi-colored dichroic patterns plus one replaceable template position. Designed specifically for the Trackspot, the economical quartz halogen lamp combines long-lasting reliability with impressive output.
The self-aligning lamp and socket design never need adjustment or optimization, and the color temperature remains stable throughout the life of the lamp.
The sound-to-light feature allows the light to move automatically to music.
With so many options, Trackspot will enhance any club s atmosphere with a wide range of exciting colors and patterns.      


Verhuur Hi-end Trackspot 250

  • Color wheel features eight colors, including one CTB color corrector and one open position
  • Gobo wheel has eight etched positions and one replaceable position
  • Variable strobe
  • Electronic circuit design for 100% dimming
  • 32 pre-programmed effects sequences
  • Built-in condenser microphone for sound-to-light


  • High-resolution microstepping motor control for smooth motion at all speeds
  • Computer-designed optical components for maximum light efficiency
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Low-noise, high-efficiency cooling system
  • Break-resistant mirror
  • 3-pin XLR connector
  • 170 pan and 110 tilt movement
  • Control options: DMX-512; LWR protocol
  • Operates on 7 DMX channels in standard mode
  • Power Consumption: 350W; 100V – 240V, 50/60Hz



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